Love Called My Name




Love called my name,

Calling me

From a forbidden childhood game-of pain

Love introduced itself, with open arms

And took me by reluctant hand,

And showed me its plan for me

But, I could not see, so I ran, and ran, a vagabond

Love watched me go and declared

“I am married to her”


Love followed me to dark corners and low valleys

From back rooms, to back seats,

I was dejected and shoved

Yet I rejected faithful love,

Over and again

And it persisted to be my friend


I hated love once

For I thought it was a farce

So often I wanted to swing freedom

From the noose of a scarf

But love said, not so.


Love waited patiently for me

On the wanton street corner of debris

Love washed my wounds and

Healed my deep infected gashes

Love declared, “She is healed!”

Spoken through thirty-nine brutal lashes

Love showed me such kindness

A swallow wallowing in my mess

Love lifted me, love-lifted-me, from a whirlpool of mental madness

Love proclaimed

“She is clean!”

Flowing through a blood line of purifying redness

Love liberated me

In the court room of doom

Love stood up, spoke up, in my defense, declaring,

“It is finished”

Love announced

“She is free”

Love fought for me, from a rugged cross road of misery


Love believed in me

When all hope was lost, and frustrated parents

Forsook me, wearied of redundant accost

Love took up my cause

Carrying my case to the cross

Breaking chains of generations past

Love has strategy in its mercy


Love rebuilt my brokenness

An old, disheveled, abandoned hut

Love put things back in place, that time and crime erased,

Oh but, love hammered on and nailed a new foundation

Love established me, a new creation

No longer a plundered village, but a city set on a hill

Love redeemed me and called me precious still

Love suffered long to bring me to His desire

Love has ravished me by the power of His Holy Fire

Love has taken me from the low valley to the hills higher

Now I devote myself to my one and only Lord and Sire


Love is God … God is love … Love lifted me.

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