lock in between


Im lock in between, in my mind hold memeories
things we never even seen, and what we been through, take us back to our roots
We had strength going into slavery brought us bravery, but now we very lazy
But yet we lock in between

We like puppets with no controll, as we listen to counsil thats very old
Tored between the sheets, we run around like lost sheep
Shepards preach but not teach
We still lock in between

Do we see a way out there is only one, but we cant jump the gun,
We been lock in between the world or seperation, physical and spiritual segregation
It holds us back into the past without a clear future, but the present is relevant that what guide ya
But we lock in between

How long will you stay lock in between, inside them memories, inside them crazy dreams, inside life without a theme
How long will we be stuck in these catorgories of experiment, all of man made bullshit, is it not irrelevant?
How long will you stay lock in between, the answer is still a mystery, cause we all still lock inbetween

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all stuck inbetween somthin or even every thing picture the truth of what we stuck in

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