A forgotten realm of darkened desire had been lost in a quiet hull. The moon darkened the roses with it's light. Remarkable how it can do that. She stretched out her wings into the night, allowing the whispered wind to soften them. The glittering rain had slowed and the clouds had began withering away.

Nothing else could achieve this feeling. A resisted longing released with the howl of the wolves. The sparatic dance of the bats made beautiful music with the tinkering windchimes. The world was overlayed in white, like a ghost. A spirit that only she could possibly see.

She ran her tounge over her razor teeth. Her pale lips would soon glow crimson as a scalding, icy chill ran through her body. Her eyes seemed unnatural under her night light in the sky. She ran her hand along the worshipping branches of a weeping willow.

This was a darkened heaven and it was time for her to hunt.

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