Saving Face

Watch your step

See the blood pool around your feet

Watch my walls crumble down

Go ahead, take a seat.

We won't make it out alive

Even to become immortal

We have to die

What did you expect

When I opened the door to my little life

I never asked for you to be critical

Just take me as I form, if you might

Step back

I'm going to lose it again

It'll be OK. I just need time to breathe.

Don't throw your straight jacket at me.

I'm not walking a tight rope.

I am flipping through the air.

If that makes your nervous,

Don't stop and stare.

So I stepped out of bounds

Nothing new ever came from walking the same path

I might get poison oak

But I'll never know unless I make my own tracks.

The words that spill forth

They what I feel at the time

In two seconds, that might change

It doesn't matter. These feelings are mine.

And if your heart skips a beat

At the phrase I just said

Re-evaluate your own thoughts

I'm sure you've thought of death

At least I'm honest

About who I love, and who I hate

I'm not keeping it inside

Just to save face.

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