My World

I allowed the moon's softened light to quietly wash over me.

It's loving hands exploring my body gently with no intent to harm.

In that moment, I fell in love with that image. Something so distant, reaching for me.

Calming my aching soul.

I welcomed the change in the color of my blood.

I welcomed the darkness.

This was all I wanted. The moon running it's tender fingertips through my hair.

I wanted to see the stars fall like bombs from the sky and set a fire to my eyes.

I was comfortable in the darkness, listening to the blood slow in my veins.

I could hear it thickening like syrup and burning like morphine. I could close my eyes now and die with the scent of the grass absorbing into the air-- only to be reborn with a different view and the sweet scent of black roses.

Black roses that bloom in a world unknown to most. Never to see a sunset. Never to greet a sunrise.

Yet the world glittered in a morbid, beautiful way. Some of dark blue and purple and forever crimson.

Something only eyes like this could see.

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