Shedding of the skin

Leaves you raw for a while

But you leap and you crawl

To go that extra mile

And all the tears that fall

The ones that sting and burn

They leave you stronger in the end

And all the dreams you have

Either bloom or fail

And new ones come to heart

To give-up or excel

When reaching for the stars

Your fingertips may burn

But in the trip to space

There are many things you'll learn

The past two years have fed me

Many knicks to the heart

So much bullshit has tried to rip me apart

But I have lately noticed, my tears don't fall in masses

And I feel even stronger, with every day that passes

This doesn't make me better

Maybe just more well-aware

That life is not a dream

And far from being fair

At least my smile is not broken

At least I can carry on

At least songs can still move me

And my feelings are not gone

At least I have the few that love me

With scars inside and out

At least I still love the sun setting

And understand what fear's about

At least I still long for my dreams

And hold onto my laughter

At least I don't give up

When I feel all is bound to shatter

At least I'm still here

Trying every fucking day

To see the good in some things

And knowing there's a way.

Even if I look silly

At least I can still dance

And if everything falls inward

At least I had this chance.

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