Dark Circus

I'm not here for the game.

I am here for the slaughter.

Oh, does this confuse you?

Just wait.

Is your brain making you feel that guilty?

You've got to place the blame elsewhere?

I see you in the middle of a meltdown

And I can't help but chuckle.

I'm not here to hear the music.

I'm here to watch you bleed.

Your insides turn to soup.

The razors in your veins.

Tell me darling, what you're thinking.

Oh, you can't concentrate?

That's a shame but I don't care

I just want to watch you fall.

I'm not here for the dance.

I'm here for the murder.

Intestines wrapped around your neck.

These words that make you suffer.

Are you vain enough to wonder..

Is this poem about you?

Do you feel that you deserve this?

Maybe you should check again.

I'm not here for the story.

I'm here to watch you scream.

Even if it's silent--

It's all the same to me.

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