A Girls Quiet Escape

Girl didn't want to feel anymore

Took too many pills and hit the floor

Looking for a deeper way to feel numb

Cried at the thing that she had become

A painting of a bloody wreck

Running from a reality check

Do you really want all this?

An eternity in a blind, pretend bliss?

Girl took a razor to her wrists

Beat the concrete with her fists

Looking for happiness in her world

Realizing her life was curled

Can't ask for much more than this

No, that is a bunch of shit!

How can you handle all of this?

Is this all that there is to exist?

She let it all bleed blue through her veins

While the world stood back and called her insane

Pumped her dreams full of morphine

While she watched the realms in between

She searched this world for a reason to smile

While she drank her stomach to bile

Just cry and let it all go

Just scream so you can grow

All the things that they will never see

Just so she could feel free

She hid the pain in the depths of her heart

So they could never tear her apart

And watch her bleed deep within

While she slashed at her own skin.

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