I exist in a realm of unforgivable sadness

Littered with a bleeding anguish

My fingertips dirtied with charcoal

My skin blushed with rose-colored wine

Please do not deny me this

I cling onto the drips of sanity

The honeyed molasses that pours

Deeply and quietly through these veins

Tested in a complete skewed view

Please understand why this is

Could you ever love a soul like this

Bleeding from the inside out

Unfinished paintings on the wall

I'll continue to dream as the bricks fall down

I just need you to hold me close now

Black and white images flash in the sea

Of blue green eyes melting in tears

Dark pools that stain the fabric

Of a soul splattered in acrylic blood

I hope this doesn't shatter me

Hold your breath sweet darling

I'm falling right into your heavy arms

And I can't even breathe anymore

Maybe I'll be revived in this

Or perhaps it will be the death of me.

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