Maybe one day you will prove people wrong

Instead of proving them right

With all of your lies.

Maybe one day you can speak the truth

Instead of playing your games

And living in shame.

Maybe one day you won't be such a fool

Wearing all of your masks

While performing your tasks.

Maybe one day you won't be so pathetic

Thinking you're a fucking saint

In this life that you taint.

Maybe one day you'll get the fuck out of here

Back into the dark earth

That's exactly what you're worth.

Maybe one day you won't drag people down

Being the bastard that you are

Just leaving behind scars.

Maybe one day you won't suck people dry

Living your life like a leech

Perfecting your little 'speech'.

Maybe one day you won't be completely fake

Practiced twinkle in your eye

Just to tell another lie.

Or maybe one day the whole world will learn

A con-artist doesn't change

They just stay the same.

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