I'm On the Moon

The shadows of the trees sprawled out into a labyrinth.

I watched the wind change the paths of this maze.

The droplets of rain stained the whole picture.

It allowed me to see where I belonged.

Luna danced before me, pointing her finger.

A soft-lit smile flickered on her face.

I closed my eyes and saw the willows weeping-

But nothing about any of it seemed near sad.

My eyes changed colors, like the sky at sunset-

Spinning marbles in the game of life.

I took a paintbrush dipped in oil paint-

I splattered the world in a million dreams.

Here are my hands, clean yet bloody.

Here is my heart, battered yet beating.

Here is my life, not perfect yet glowing.

This is who I'll be at the end of the day.

There's a dark river raging in quiet depths,

Of a desert so beautiful that there are no words.

And I'll stand on the moon listening to the stories,

Of a heart so strong that it brings tears to my eyes.

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