The Tender Words of a Scarred Heart

I am frightened.

I am frightened of the things that can hurt me.

I am frightened of the things that have hurt me.

I beat with hope. I bleed with desire, yet I still fear.

I fear being loved in everything that I am.

The scars that trace me inside and out.

Every mark holds a story.

Can every story be understood?

When I step into the light, am I safe?

I hold onto trust slightly tinged with fear.

I walk damaged but my soul has wings.

These wings are not tucked but open.

I beat with desire. I bleed with hope, yet I still fear.

When every scar lay exposed, am I safe?

Slightly tinged with fear, I hold onto trust.

This is I. Pieces and all.

The tender words of a scarred heart.

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