This World. My Thoughts.

I am walking a fine line of insanity and profound understanding.

The shallow depths of humanity places me in a state of melancholy.

Sometimes, I cannot even breathe from the pointless hot air that surrounds me.

Please, step away. My finger is on the red trigger and I will have no remorse.

Pummel my heart, my soul, my being again. Never again.

Why must you be so harsh? Why must you be so blind?

You dolt! Watch your pathetic step!

Ah, how mankind leaves me a wretched mess on the bathroom floor.

Uncaring. Unthankful. Undermining.

Stomping. Flailing. Crushing.

Sickening disaster.

I am on the brink of insanity only because of profound understanding.

The very breath that inflates my lungs is poison.

The very blood that surrounds my heart is tainted.

The look I could give you, through tear-filled eyes, would mean nothing.

The lightbulb went out behind me. Something is trudging up my spine.

Liquid reaper courses through my veins.

I cannot look at this world, in its every depth, without my heart aching.

Why must you be this way?

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