This Realm

Intricate. Intense. Intrigued.

Bleeding. Benevolent. Broken.

Worn. Weathered. Wasted.

I'll stand under the coiled, tranquil moon.

I'll watch the frigid rain cut the silent air.

Intricate design etched into a vermillion heart.

Intense eyes set quietly into the darkness with the sun.

Intrigued soul spreading its wings to the night.

Bleeding veins staining the world in writing.

Benevolent wishes strayed on various papers.

Broken thoughts forming a strict writers block.

Worn body collasped in a quilted coffin.

Weathered voices blending together in hope.

Wasted tears tucked in the crevices of something deeper.

The tranquil, coiled moon will linger over me as I stand....

The silent air will catch the frigid rain as I watch.

Hold tight dearest. This is only the beginning.

This realm is but one whisper in a screaming crowd.

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