The Battle

I am vicious and brutal.

I stand tall and I struggle.

I have flown and I have fallen.

I can handle the pains of life

But it doesn't mean that I don't hurt.

I have things to say and walls of stone.

I can look at my reflection and see my flaws.

I can smile and mean it but the tears are real too.

I can handle the daggers you throw

But it doesn't mean that I don't bleed.

My angers are confusion.

My heart, it beats wildly.

All the struggles in my head surface.

I'm a snake lashing after being stepped upon.

I'm bound to break sometime.

I can accept but it can harm me.

I can hold tight while it all kills me.

I can't let go because I could lose it.

I can't show weakness or it could end me.

Why do I feel that life is only a battle?

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