Night Angel

A shadow in my corner

Watches me in silence

Intricate eyes reflect cascading candlelight

Through the window the night bleeds onto the hushed earth

The moon watches in adoration as the shadow glides to my side

A night angel looking into the depths of my lonely eyes

I lie there, still in fascination

No expression on his face

His ice blue eyes paralyze my already broken heart

I only see him now

He runs his cold hand across my cheek, sending chills down my spine

I hear the wind dance through the curtains as the candlelight fades across his pallid face

I cannot move, but only watch him lower his face to mine

His silken breath on my neck melts my very soul

Pain and pleasure in one as he settles his pearl teeth into my tender flesh

I am forever lost in darkness with my night angel

Watching crystal teardrops fall from his immortal eyes

I cannot change what I've become-- a feather in an hourglass that never ends.

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