Won't stay closed

Damn door

Constantly flying open

Like ghosts are coming to visit old friends

There are no friends here

And the wind

It howls

Like it's whispering to the world that it's unstoppable.

Their shoes shuffle

Almost in an annoying manner

Some faces piss me off

Go away. You're unwanted here

I smile and greet because I am supposed to


The sun keeps playing hide and seek

Running its undecided mine through the clouds.

Rain. I want it to pour.

Soak the earth in sky nectar

None of those will fit you

Put that back where you got it

Quit asking for a better deal


Only if it was legal sometimes

White floors turned red

The opposite of snow falling on roses

Shut up

I don't care

End of the day come

Just another damn routine

Wind blow the building to the ground

Thank you. Have a nice day. Not really. Choke.

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