Your Friend

Listen to my eyes

They tell more than my voice

Read between the lines

Learn to make the right choice

Hold out your hand

I may give you my heart

I'll never trust you again

If you tear it apart

My poetry never rambles

It tells truly how I feel

It's the only time I can really share,

What's inside that I conceal

If you ever see me cry, I probably won't tell you what's wrong

I'll find some way, one day, to explain it in a song.

I hold a million secrets that you might never see

And if I trust in you, I hope you trust in me

I fall in love too easily, and get hurt all the same

And it really does hurt me to see a friend in pain

I'll try my best to understand and lend a helping hand

And I cling to every bit of love like the last grain of sand

I fight for what I believe in

Lightly share where I have been

And if you promise to stick by me,

I'll always be your friend.

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