Burn the Witch Alive

I hurt myself today

Just to paint my world in blood

And if you can capture that

You're doing better than I thought

I couldn't express the words

That my heart beat through my veins

So I sliced myself to pieces

And painted a canvas full of pain

There's nothing you can do now

Nothing you can understand

I could ask for your help

But I don't want your fucking hand

And it's alright if THIS glass breaks

Just sweep the pieces under the rug

I'm the shadow in the corner

Just ignore me with a shrug

This story will linger quietly

Like blades of fresh cut glass

I hope you like my artwork

A masterpiece of hack and slash

Let's burn the witch alive

Before she ruins the day

Oh, wait she's not a witch

Let's burn her anyway

I hurt myself today

Just to let it all run out

And the reason you didn't hear me scream

Is because I never tried to shout.

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