Visions Into Deeper Thoughts

A broken silhouette blends softy into the paint on the wall. The dim light portraying the dark soul within. Don't let go. This goes much deeper. The depths of the eyes are only the surface. Close them and an entire fusion of colors dance, only to be different once opened again. At night the tear drops fall red. Quietly. Alone. Not like in day, where they glow clear, as the sun jabs it's hurtful rays into the delicate droplets.

She stood at the window, debating the fall. Wings in the soul, not on the shoulder blades. She backs away, realizing this. Breathe in the rain. See the two ravens do their dance around the moon. See the immortals coil their fingers into the night. White roses turn red after blood falls into the vase. They are now to live forever in the depths of another realm.

Darkness shines in its own way. Clarifying its existance as correct. A poetic trance of forbidden lovers music in the night. The wings of a moth holding true to the moon, knowing the sun would surely scorch it. Yet, it will dance in the flames of a beautiful candle in the twilight hours.

This weather falls for us. A brilliant dance around a fountain of vermillion blood. I'll wash my hair in this. I'll dip my wings, gently. I'll let the beauty of the misunderstood stain my soul for eternity. If it rains here, let it be red. If I bleed, let it not be in vain. If my heart beats, let it not shatter.

Crimson-tarnished lips pressed gently amongst one another. The graves eroding in silence as lightning streaks through the sky. A dance for the wicked. A dance for the hurt. A dance for the entirely forgotten. They are never to be understood by the ones that walk along the sun-washed grass. Even the willows weep for them. Quiet, vampiric lovers touched by the light, gentle fingertips of the moon.

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