My Darling Transformation

This crazy girl that invaded my soul. She sent my heart into wild raptures and  my head into a frenzy. She danced steps I never knew and wrote magic words I never heard. She played songs that made me cry and others that made me smile. Put wild dreams on the table for me to imagine. She introduced me to art that drove my mind into exotic trance. She placed shoes on my feet for traveling. Brought tears to my eyes with the magic in the world. She sang a song of hope and hit my fear with a hammer. She made my world erotic, exotic, artistic, musical, magical, ever-changing..almost confusing but very interesting. She changed me completely. This crazy girl that invaded my soul. I love her just enough not to break her. I hold her enough not to lose her. I fear her enough not to test her.  I respect her enough not to doubt her. I trust her enough not to run away. My darling transformation.

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