September, I Die.

He had an evil soul and took advantage of an innocent situation.

I lock this away.

Behind this door and my skeleton key. The attic of my heart.

My soul, nothing but an apparition in your eyes.

I can't even look at you.

I have to live with this. I have to die with this.

Time is un-yielding. It's feeding on my flesh.

I bled in an odd way. Alone.

Fear numbed me and I am who I am now.

You will always wonder about what I cannot explain.

It was September when I died.

It is September that I die every year, again.

My mind is meandering within itself.

I am slightly out of control and lost in a vermillion cube.

This world on the outside, shaped into an hourglass.

Chaos. It makes the calmest water tremble.

As I can think of nothing but the tears that caused my downfall.

I shall die with this.

If only you knew. But you will never know.

This heart and what it speaks.

My quiet soul and rage of fire.

The flames slowly melting my veins.

This land feels nothing of me anymore.

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