Eleanor (The Mustang)

A passion uncompared

A deep and growling roar

A classic piece of art

Was waiting at my door

Its eyes were so bright

With a "I know I'm bad ass" glow

Every move that it made

It was putting on a show

Its coat shimmered in the sun

Feeling growled from within

I knew my heart was done

Beauty this deep had to be a sin

It didn't have to speak

Its heart whispered secret plans

It was ready to peak

And I was its woman

It took me for a ride

And I fell in love

It was nothing like a guy

It flew like a dove

It ran like the wind

And I was set free

I couldn't let this end

These feelings inside of me

Its intricate detail

Dropped jaws to the floor

It left a smoke trail

And stole my heart evermore

A passion uncompared

It left me in adore

My feelings will always be shared

With the amazing Eleanor.

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