Peace Within

I'm telling you now

I don't feel bad for most of the

Things I say and do,

As far as I can see, there

Isn't a reason to.

Can't say that I think

People are the nicest things

To walk the earth.

As far as I'm concerned,

Most people suck.

I'm not cold-hearted, not by any means.

I'm just tired of hurtful people

And despise the things I've seen.

It's not required to be bitter, although

I sometimes am.

It's the only way some people will learn and

I can make a stand.

I'm not sporting out your sympathy.

I care, but I'm not blind.

I'll help as much as needed, but

My lesson in learning you'll find.

You're not about to walk on me.

I'm stronger then you think.

Do I look like your sidewalk through life?

I assure you, you will sink.

I'll help you through the water,

But you must learn to swim.

You'll never get anywhere if

You don't try to win.

Bad-mouth me all you want,

I'll just look at you and smile.

You can't appreciate true nature

Until you've drove a country mile.

I may be rough on the outside

But there is a peace within.

If you try to break me down,

You'll get yours in the end.

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