Out of the Blue

An erie blue glow cascades itself upon sun-washed walls.

The television projecting itself through-out the quaint Mississippi home.

Passer-by's only glance upon the hill-- hurried by their own homely thoughts.

It's dark outside at 7pm.

The winter days turn themselves in early.

No lights on in the home-- only the distinct blue, shadowy movements of a local station, sharing another re-run.

An old white pickup sleeps in the yard, holding onto feverish dreams and finally giving into start the next frosty morning.

A routine for the owner, for the truck, for the home.

Every minute passing by, lowering the value of those once new items; as the world keeps burying itself in the weight of bitter gold.

Tired, the erie blue fades as the less thought of turn in till morning-- the same routine as yesterday. The same as tomorrow.

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