The Right Thing

Doing what is right

As oppose to what seems right

Gives one insight

Life secrets do a woman hold

Manufactured deep from in her soul

A long distance race she does run

Working until there is no sun

Decapitation of her natural fun

An understanding of why a woman runs

Women are so debonair

A reason for the whole world to care


Created not as a catastrophe


Created as a structure free

for man that is the best of he.

The gift (woman), with mature delight

Adds insight to mans plight.

Woman is for man a great joy/not toy.

Man has hindered his gift` long enough.

Man made woman's beginnings rough

Treating woman as an enterprise

as he ran unconcern through her thighs.

Now! Where on earth would man be

if you, woman were as half as wrong as he?

Doing what is right,

as oppose to what seems right...

Keep man from being honest both

Day and night.

Today man has open his eyes

Now he works at it...

And respect those thighs...

Doing the right thing.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I 've grown to understand the female plight as well as her disrespect

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