Lusted After By The Simple Types

I am an outsider, though invited here by the vision we both long to know.


First to arrive, we were alone for a few minutes than I heard his heralding exhaust just outside of the walls. It is not in me to envy, but I know this must be the emotion I am struggling through as I listen uninvited to the ease and control of the conversation in the other room. It always seems as if she's more lively, smiling, laughing and engaged when she interacts with him as opposed to me. We have great talks, and there is a connection when we are alone, but not like they do. A better man would admit defeat. This is a flaw in how I am made. I am an Alpha, of another breed, but alpha all the same. I may not have his natural build, or his perfect face, but I have a potent lure he could only wish to demonstrate. I am an artist and I'm captured in her snare, all my attention, fully focused at the nature of her essence and intimate with the body of her perfection. I can paint all the emotions and feelings she does stir in me. Or, skillfully utilize my vocal skills, with poems that celebrate the way she was made, and these words, have a defininte line to her heart and her mind. She is caught up in being admired, by gifted eyes, and lusted after by the simple type.  

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