this time of night

Still up, amongst the rabble, and the insects

they swarm in the cool, and relish the moonlit dark

I rummage through my thoughts, I reflect, I haunt

ever caught a thought as it ran circles around your head

or flown in the placid purple twilight ocean in the sky?

Quality time, quietly appreciating silience as it is

crickets, far off car tires against the cooling asphalt

automated sprinklers hissing new moisture to alien lawns

No pressing appointments to nail down uncertain morrows

the moon, her stars, their perch and ours 

I love this time, though I am often at my lonliest, 

overcome with rerun moments of my life as it once was

hypothetical questions unvocalized to the universe 

Am I ever thought about time and time again?

Why do I do this?  Will I ever stop? 


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