Taken from a conversation

“I would be lying if I said my soul didn't resonate with the words you write”,

and what you do write is a gift,

“an attention to detail that seems to cost the rest of the world so much.”

I find myself in your words

and I fight when you fight,... I try,

only so much as I care not to continue,

I only want to post, read, and write.

You... You are a muse, an author

of how I often feel and hide inside,

and most of all, you are another person I wish to never meet,

for the fear of betraying myself or displaying my faults

and running you off.

In this online world, this poetry site,

you and I, and our emotions,

given to words, put into forms

that dance, and entice and lure the mind,

body and inner hidden parts...

they are right.

I am in your words tonight,

as I am most nights

and I am naked,

I am willing,

I am hopeful

and I won't lie...

A part of this mind and heart are in love,

the other parts know the world outside.

Write, write, please, weave me a world

of shared uniqueness and eloquent reasons why

I know who you as little or as much

as I know what I am next going to sit down and write,

to share,

to connect

or to scare...

I'm in your words tonight.




(Inspired by a conversation shared with someone who's online personality and writing genius is always worthy of admiration, praise and applause. Someone, whom I don't know intimately, outside of the lines they write and the strings inside my body they pull, excite, aggitate and ignite. You make me want to dig deeper, admit more, and enjoy the shared language and our gifted views of this world. And I hope this poem isn't out of line.)