Paper Heart, Paper Face

With a Heart made so thinly

Of flour, paper and water

And the mask I wear daily

made the same way

Using one to fill a vacant place

The other is the necessary lie

The very face of that lie portrayed

Smiling, always, but stopping at the eyes

The eyes that look away

My heart and my face

Made to face my friends

and the strangers

They don't feel the same,

they don't understand

So it is better this way

A fake face to disarm their gazes

It was they that said the hurting fades

though I waited,

and I did wait

And my hurt, it stayed,

never faded

still remains the same

So strange and odd I must be

So I made the face

that I wear to face them

It smiles the way they say I should

And protects my pride,

and insecurities

It makes them see what they want of me

and lets me be who I am

Unlike the real thing

this paper mache heart

fills an empty place

It cannot beat and will not love

It is simply a reminder of the heart

that once shattered

all that was lost.



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