Blissfully ignorant

If a choice be given,

as it is, 

it is when one decides 

one chooses

blissfull ignorance

and lives life


Knowing, warning,


believing all is well

not worried

about the signs

there are too many

false positives

One that refuses

to be seen

Looked over,

poked and fondled

or to have themselves analyzed

as they would rather not know

if terminal,

if nothing at all

rather they are

blissfull, ignorant

they live, and do so

just to be alive

they accept that sickness

may come


upon their time here

be it shorter

or long enough

but they don't want

to live knowing

waiting, fearing, praying


as loved ones watch them go

No, if given a choice

I choose to remain

blissfully ignorant

making the best

of what time I've left

and knowing only

that I am alive today 

Allowing nature to run it's course

because of course,

we all go

and going only brings us all back home

so, no... Don't tell me

I don't want to know.