Bring Me Into You

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I can feel you watching
I hear your sins
I feel your eyes upon me
I can even sense your longing

Why don't you?

I can smell your scent,
Oh, and now...
I am wanting you
Oh, how you...
Seducing me,
trying to seduce you
You are just waiting

Why, don't you?

Why are you waiting
tell me,
Because I know nothing
You are special
The wetness,
Primal aching
Are you watching?
I want you,..
I want you,..
Hearing me
I want you...
Needing me
Bring me into you,

Why, don't you?
Come... bring me inside

When you want me
to be patient,
but aren't we impatient?
Practically begging

Why, don't you?
Like waiting
Who's waiting now?
Who's walking out?
Who's Unwilling now?
Who's drooling now?

Why don't you?
Walking out.

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