Abiogenesis --Origin of My Life

When I consider where I came from
As a soul,
I never feel it's something
Sweet, brave, true.
I always feel I originate.....
From something I would be frightened to look upon.
Something dark, alien, cold, different.

----Something super alien? Insect like?

----No, Even more primitive, less complexly designed.

And I never feel it would be something evil.
Evil has too much heat in it.

It's too enthusiastic, too motivated.

No, I come from slow, inexorable growth,
Cold multiplicity.

----Something 'Borg'-like?

----No, not that humanoid.
Nor machine-like.


Something like algae in a cold,
Cold sea.
Some low, low form of life,
That cares not,
And thus cannot be harmed
Because it's not alive enough to cling
To life.
Yet something with a power, that is
Strong, unstoppable even.
Something with it's Intelligence OUTSIDE
It's physicality!
Something that will evolve in time
Unstoppable, yes, I was unstoppable.
And finally, here I am,
Carrying the secret;
Some basic magic
Slow, low in complexity,
But relentless.

I am its fruit.

Yet I am so very different,
So butterfly-from-caterpillar.

Can something so cold and powerful
Create something as tender-hearted
As I?

Maybe what I feel,
Everyone would feel
If they concentrated their sight
Far and deep as this.....
Memory so long.
Was not all of mankind started this way?

Algae in the ocean is
How far back my memory almost-reaches
When life first felt it's quickening,
Its reach-to-become-'more' experiment,
Its first inchoate drive
To leave its oceanic womb,
(Before plants, when we were in the soup,
Had not yet emigrated to land),
And yes, I DO believe that it was CONSCIOUS.....
Knowing..... Not an accident outside of God.
But strange.

That's when something began, that I
Partake of...
(4 million years)
And I still hold.

That was me.

Is this a happy discovery?

Well, I did not know
I was that old.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This may be the strangest contemplation that has pushed through my consciousness, so far.

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