Everyone has to

(Gather their philosophies,
Cross reference them....
See if they hold water,
Or leak out a bucket of
Unexamined assumptions.)

So --- take all the facts of nature known
Into account.
These are the 'givens', the foundations.
No point wishing on a star.....designing a world of
No predators.
Such a world 'gives the lie' to everything one
Came here to learn,
And planet Earth is not a lie;
It is a basis --- a foundation......
A starting point.

But don't stay at the starting gate and
Think you've run your race.

* * *

When you've spent the better part of a lifetime
Making educated guesses.....
Then basing choices on these guesses.......,

The next assignment is: "Captain,
Be prepared to go down with
Your ship".
(If you don't believe in your world
That you've designed, how
Can it come into existence?)....

...As a building proceeds from blueprint,
As artwork finds its way to
Self expression,
By rejecting everything not envisioned,
Not seen as beautiful.

Yes, when your World is designed,
Is beautiful enough to make you LONG for it.....

You will be tested.

You will find yourself singing:
"If loving you is wrong.....
I don't want to be right!......"

Because it is your mind-stuff that sustains
This world of yours,
And it must be strong as
The bendable, unbreakable reed,
As well as solidly sitting on
Nature's 'givens'.

And then, and then.........

Well, I'm still working out a few details
In my plans.
Still exercising my mind-stuff to have a shot at
Resisting the Devil's challenge.

He'll put me in a calf's life
And show me the knife,
Or if he's lazy, he'll pull another
Abraham sacrificing Isaac stunt.

This is when a Non-belief
In death,
Will be the only thread that can
Hold this world together.
So you can see how
This thread
Must be made, more than elastic,
More than physical.

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