Projecting Female Sexuality

Sex is disturbing, to one under the age of 11
Then it becomes disturbing but with a mysterious undertow,
Then one feels the need to toughen up,
To coarsen up, so that we don't seem to be daunted
By that which is sanctioned of God
And Mother Nature.

Hopefully, moments of unity happen, and outshine even
Electrical Activation,
(For the women, it was always Nature's half heard whispers
That keep rolling in the brains
Of fertile women)
And it is for our Ancient Mother, that we feel the need to
Announce our good fortune,
To stand up for the juice
And the drama
Of sex.

Eventually, friendship of the heart,
Outshines the pulling and the shoving of this mysterious
Tide, which does recede,
And sex,
Becomes personal, no longer a public stance
Until slowly the disturbance of sex
Seems again, unnecessary,
As becalmed hearts, now philosophically occupied,
Notice less the narrow wavelength
Of body games.

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