Childhood's Inner Voices

A parent's love must be that which
helps a flower stand....
stand in her own delight.

Life is hard. Gale winds blow.
A parent must never add his breath to winds that challenge,
winds that topple.
Watch your words, Parent, that they not
join the noise of winds
that de-petal.

Make sure you sing a tune that can be heard
in Nature's lulls.
A song so tuneful it replays in mind
For when the Gale grows quiet, this inner sun is needed
that drenched flowers find the heart
to open.......glisten.............shine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I saw a meaningful movie, Illusion, starring Kirk Douglas, after his stroke. An accomplished man, near death, learns that his neglected son is tormented by what he thinks his absent father would think of him. I think the movie's message is very universal. I was very much affected by it.

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