Memory of Not Understanding

I woke up in a crowded Kindergarten classroom.
And discovered, to my dismay, I was a teacher.
I spoke of Care for All Things, but my tone was wrong
And they turned on me.

Outcast, bewildered, bitter. This is where
You find me today.
I see one ray of hope. I have called on My Friend.
"Never mind", he said,
"Go into your body, where all errors reside.
Each error wears solution and will hand you its coat!
This clothing is made of light;
You will shine as a beacon.
Wanderers will come to you.
But remember the classroom
And never go back!
Don't go back as long as memory burns."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was not literally the teacher. I was a small child among other small children, but my viewpoint was not popular.

Don't go back as long as memory burns, is advice I will follow, but I can hope that the "memory of misunderstanding" those group dynamics, may be gone someday, when I finally do understand what my wrong tone was being heard as. Then I assume I can 'return', when the sting is gone from my memory, replaced by compassion for myself, leading to compassion for the others. This poem was written mostly as a record for myself.

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