Who Am I Inquiry

I'm the child who had a Vision of a White
Buffalo, at eleven years.
That was me, in the presence of Sacred, feeling called upon.

Experimenter, Spartan, sister to wild things
(reasonable descriptions of themes in my life).

Walking away from the field of contention,
One arm tied behind my back,
(the Camp Owner's child shouldn't fight)
Handicapped by advantage.
(I could barely countenance her....well, me)

So ashamed of my inadequacies, I wasted a lifetime;
Like trying to relearn High School Physics in my 40's, because,
Maybe I was smart enough to get it, now.....
Me, I did that. Bought that second hand textbook!

Lately, I've discovered what a ham I am (playing a charades-like game)
Who knew?
Where was this person when I was forced on stage,
in mandatory plays (8th grade).

Today, I find me, listening to you, wanting to help you.
Or......get away from your masked, careless mind.

I see I am hostile.

I am convinced we're all perfect,
Yet, "Shields up, Scotty!",
"The Aliens may be small children, but they have guns!"

I see my old and cold mind............
But Bliss is blowing all around me!
(There is less and less resistance).

Does "who am I" inquiry lead to "who are you?"
And "who are we?" And "what are we?"
And all that talk of Unity?

* * *

Bliss is blowing all around me,
(There is less and less resistance).

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