I Thought a Terrible Thought

I thought a bad thought
A mean thought
An "I hope you get lost in a snowstorm" thought,

But I didn't panic
I knew just what to do
I interviewed the thought
Like I would talk sweetly to a young child

I said, Thought, why do you wish this?
"Because", she (I) answered
"She thinks she's better than me!"
Why? I insisted
"Because she's capable, tall and strong
She can do things that I can't.
So she thinks she's better than me".

Has she acted this way to you?
"No, but I KNOW she must think it."
Has she ever acted nice?
"Well, she gave me a present once,
And did me a favor or two."
Ah, I said, yet she thinks she's better than you?
"Well, she may not,--- BUT I DO!"

I see, you feel bad because YOU think she's better?
"That's right" she (I) said, "That's it"
Now, tell me, Little One
If it is you who feels this, let us explore.....
Perhaps we can find the origin of this 'spore'.....
And here we are!!........a grouping of poisonous toadstools
In a swampland of poor self-image.
Yes, a new crop of poisonous growth
Feeding on your own poor self worth
This is not about her, nor about snowstorms
This is simply where you grow your poisonous mushrooms....
.....Your poisonous flowers.....

"How can we fix it", she (I) asked myself
Easy I said, just stare at this poison.
Just see it, just look,
You wouldn't want to eat it, would you?

"No!! It's poisonous!!"
Then ..........just walk away, because
Now you surely know,
'Death by snowstorm' has
Nothing to do with her, nor, even, with you!!!
No, you DON'T have to kick at it,
Or effect it at all
......Just not wanting to eat it........
.......Knowing it's poison........
.......Knowing it grows here........
Is all you need today.
Simply do not cultivate it
Don't let sad thoughts of inadequacy
Pull you down in its sway.

And now I'll tell you where your efforts DO belong:
You must stand guard against Society's most basic LIE:
(That you're not valuable AS YOU ARE)
And that is all that's required.

If sad thoughts slip by you
Retrace your steps, till...
You again find the poisonous
Mushroom nursery

And again stare
And then walk away
Carrying your arrows and your bow
For the fight you ARE called to fight:
The combating of this
universally rampaging,
lying, --'you're not good enough as you are'--

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My belief is most of us suffer from unconscious, or conscious, feelings of inadequacy, which leads to hostility, but which can be counteracted by focusing on believing we are valuable simply because we are a 'Child of the Universe', and not because we measure up to anybody else's arbitrary measures. Then, I believe in witnessing such hurt feelings, not sweeping them under the rug, nor trying by will power, to simply not have the reactions that we do, which are natural, and the way the human brain is constructed. I write such 'poems', as a reminder to myself.

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