Dandelion Seed

I was on my Vision Quest (many years ago).
I heard a voice, an amused voice, say,
"Hey there, Silly Child, Follow me",
And out of the bush hopped a Roadrunner!
He struck off to my left
And I stood there confused.
Backtracking, the voice asked
"Is it my shape? Don't you like my plumage?
Why do you stand there?
Follow me."
So I did, and he 'led me a merry chase'.
We climbed to the edge of rock ledges, and I saw visions.
We circled around trees and I fell down dizzy.
When I stood up I saw visions.
We rested in clearings.
I slept and dreamed dreams, parables, teachings.
From then on I followed him, and all my questions
Would slowly resolve into wisdom.
(That was when I could find him, for he was often absent
And I could but await his return.)
Then one day, as I caught sight of him, and started towards him,
He fell over backwards as if shot!
As I approached I saw blood
Pooling beneath his feathers, and there was nothing there
But Death, Material Crumpledness, Absence.
In shock, I ceased to think.
Or maybe I thought, What now?
But a dandelion seed floating by brushed my nose.
I lifted my hand to brush it away, and I heard a voice.
"Oh? do you prefer my roadrunner form?
Is it the feathers you like?"

And so today, me and my airy companion keep company,
Even though the breeze long since carried off
The tickling, star-like air rider.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written to express why I wasn't saddened at the death of my Teacher Sai Baba. My relationship with him has always had a large dose of humor.

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