Poem to a past life: Satyabhama

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Life is a thing that lasts a long time.

I waited to see what would happen.

Mostly bad things did.

I stood and lay down, stood and lay down.

Day, night, day, night.

Today I am sick and tired of this.

I will turn my life into a clay panorama

     and begin the pinching and stretching

     and thinning and thickening

that I thought God should have been doing,

......but wasn't.

I will pretend to BE God.

I will shape what future I have left me;

     More exercise

     Different food

     More pertinent tasks.

You may look to me;

     I am blessed in this freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At a wonderful juncture in my life. The 'tarana' --the appointed time ---the blueprint itself is no longer afflicted.

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