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I heard a woman say: the rabbit is magical

It leaps to the heavens in a single bound, and back

With the greatest of ease, no less.

I grabbed on to what she said

Although I had no reason.

Rabbit does not look like much....and yet

Submerged part of iceberg is where iceberg mostly lives,

Keeping its greatness hidden.

Do you, helpless, hapless defenseless rabbit

Hold the key to death as Friend?

Are you bird with always open window?

Distaining this paltry planetary perch,

Survival ignored in your evolutionary strategy,

Other than that of your many offspring.

     No 'house built on a bridge'

     Nor thought to the sway of the branch...

     For one who can fly.

Rabbit, I am in need of your influence

Even though you are barely here

Well, because you are barely here

I want to travel there.

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