Floating Up

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I am a giant mind

But puny to the task at hand

To Illumined. Moon. minds;

I am the wolf that bays.

   *     *     *

     Still I must mid-wife the Sceptic in the time of his


     Point out the 'City on the Hill',


     Then pick him up each time he fails.

(It's a strange arithmatic:

The many failures, then.... you're up).

I am reading a treatise on Twilight

          (Without particulars, you learn to float).

So don't ratchet up your strengths

Don't ratchet down your weakness

But leave it all below.


     Refuse to choose).

   *     *     *

I was the wolf that bays

At shimmering oases,

Now a kind of strange arithmatic

And Twilight....make me float.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Several teachings, cobbled together, for better or worse.

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