What Is Left Of Me

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What is left of me?

I lose interest in my silly thoughts

Knee jerk reactions to changing circumstance

I think I am my 'intentions'

What are my intentions?

I want to be aware and to help

Do I need to remember this silly life?

This silly story

What!! Is even my story valueless?

Yes....All it aims to do is shed itself

Balance itself so that it may be allowed

To leave itself behind.

I want to understand the Whole

And help whatever is almost ready

....is in its last mile, near fainting.

I guess this means I want to melt

...into Vishnu  



I want to help...

...re-parent the world.

   *     *     *     *

     In my meditation: Tiger claws popped my balloon-like body

     And 'I' escaped, and sat there

     Safe from tiger claws,

     Safe from all danger and trouble

     Did I then want to help?






     I wanted, almost.....to end. And I wondered about this.


But now I think

     That wasn't me.

     That was my fear.

Where was I?

So entangled in fear I thought it was me?

What is left of me?

Forget me!! I existed to balance

Then... not fly.... but disappear.

I think I am my 'intentions';

To be aware and help.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Expressing some of my confusions

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