Dreams of Rescue

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I have always believed that only the excellent can happen

                  to me.

(That's a definition of "excellent" as wide as a barn door)

For instance: I can't steer this boat into harbour.

I need tugboats!!...(and tugboats appear from all four



Paralyzed. My muscles frozen at the wheel of the car

                 in the line to enter the Ferry.

A cop comes: "What seems to be the trouble, Ma'am?"

But I cannot speak....

"Don't worry, Ma'am. We're here to serve!!"


And he gently moves me, takes the wheel, and we go....

                on up the ramp.


Pop Quiz: "What is 'the' flower of courage?"

( There was a lone feather-like bloom--the only thing

             single among drifts)....I chose rightly.

Only the excellent can happen to me (though the definition

             of "excellent"'s wide as the side of a barn).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

taken from three separate dreams.

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