"Kindness Will Abound"

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My life has been a failure

Therein lies my luck

I will try to show you the bread crumbs I follow

Again, luck..keeps the crows foraging far from here.

     *   *   *

"Kindness will Abound" is the name of the horse I've bet on

Of course, she won't win

But again, therein lies our luck

Thinking into the future, changes it

(Not in ways we expect).

"Kindness will Abound",

Willing, and thrilling, she thunders down the track.

     *   *   *

All effort to become the switch,

                           that can be flipped

     *   *   *

Aah, my heart has grasped the Cause for Jubilation

Yet my hand has no strength, and fails

I am once again, ...lost.... Who did you say I am?

No matter. It is not 'I' that will be rescued.

The switch will be flipped. It is inevitable.

     *   *   *

"Kindness will Abound" eats out of my hand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem tries to track several of the koans that frequent my thoughts.

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