Falling into the Sun

She has a pulse, but there's death in her eyes.

She feels loved, but she knows its all lies.

She speaks, not making a sound.

She's lost, never really had been found.

She creates her own path, without leaving a trace.

She weeps, never had found her true place.

She has a heart beat, of a lost soul.

She screams, while falling down this bottomless hole.

She reaches her hand out, hoping for a friend.

She knows her falling, will never come to an end.

She shivers, knowing her death is so near.

She knows really, there isn't much to fear.

She feels warmth, from her days in the sun.

She laughs, remembering how those days were much fun.

She smiles, having finally found happiness.

She looks down, only to touch emptiness.

She feels relief, seeing something so bright.

She wonders, what could be the cause of that light.

She has the sun in her eyes, and warmth in her heart.

She goes to sleep now, maybe this is her new start.

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