tears of joy

As I sit in front of the screen with my boys

On the edge of our seats making noise

Are team is on and we want a win

Dig deep boys it will make me grin

The game has started and were ready to rock

The hits are flying, time is speeding off the clock

A shot is made and the puck is in the net

Past there goalie just like a jet!

The lead is taken the by our countries team

Another step towards that special dream

The dream we hope for day in and day out

Were closer then ever there is no doubt

Up by two and looking for more

Saves are made to keep the score

From racking up on the opposite side

There playing strong its Canada’s pride

Last period to play the score is 2 to 1

Keep going boys your almost done

as The seconds tick of the board

20 seconds left America scored

The game is tied  and overtime is needed

The score of 2 to 2 must be exceeded

My heart races this is so intense

My body’s shaking from the suspense

The puck drops we are under way

Both teams definitely showed up to play

Pain sweat and tears left on the ice

Which team will pay the price?

A hard period four on four

The crowd waiting just to roar

Iginla makes the pass to Sid

He snipes it five hole what a kid

The tears roll down my face

As I look around this place

We all stand  up and scream

30 million people all in a dream


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