end of time, thats when you came back to me

Ive loved you since Ive been aware, since the moment I existed. And our time together was the holy truth, the reason duality persisted. But inside a seed of fear grew in my very heart, I never new how to brace myself for a reality so harsh.

Now every bit of dust settles on me, since I was frozen, the day you left me here. And even though I wait for lifetimes hoping, looking out into the horizon, you never do appear. And on the last day, on the precipice of time and space I pause, wondering if you still love me, wondering if your gone. When all of a sudden you return, your soul ragged and torn. Looking like a milllion dollars but inside your heart is worn.

How is it you've been through hell just to get to me, well all I can say know, just like you told me then is, you got to let it be.

Funny thing I see you know, like a ghost, a fleeting dream. Or at least thats how you look to me, though nothings as it seems. And every step closer is farther from completion, even though your within arms reach, we are gone, nothing, this is the end of all creation. 




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