Hold me tighter and tighter

And dress me in your arms,

Leave your scent upon me,

Enjoy my feminine charms.

I will feel lovelier than lovely

When my lips impart to yours.

Moist, soft as satin roses

Long kisses to endure.

Move into my anatomy,

Imprint into my soul,

Drink from me my darling

My nectar as it pours.

Hold me in your arms tonight

Make my spirit soar,

Let me know with you I'm safe

In your arms I feel your warmth.

Let my eyes behold the portrait

Which shines in your brown eyes,

Of two lovers walking arm in arm

Beneath the rainbow of paradise.

In your arms the pains of life do cease,

Your kisses medicative,

With body eased and manipulated,

Our loved is consecrated.

Take me in your arms tonight

Make your heart my home,

Dance with me among the stars

Hereafter and evermore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to lovers.  

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